Thursday, October 17, 2013

The relevance of online education

The education system according in to Indian mythology started from so called 'Gurukuls', where students have to go and stay at their Guru's(teacher) ashram(house) for educating themselves. An ancient analogy of today's boarding schools. But its not a perfect analogy since Gurukulas were special in several other matters. The students at that time was not only taught material sciences but also they were given knowledge in philosophy, mythology, morals, histories, epics, nature, etc. More important is that they were also given practical training classes in war strategies and ancient weapons. These are all information fron our epics and myths.

The education system we see today came as a part of civilized man and foundation of societies. Now in this 21st century man has developed in such a way that he could study anything of his own. The resources available a click away is immense such that anyone could obtain data about anything. Here lies the importance of online education. Till a generation before people has to depend on libraries and professors for getting right guidance and knowledge of a particular sector. But with the advent of internet and computer technology this is so simple that he could study anything by jus investing time in internet.

The present generation students are availed with computers, tablets, smartphones etc before they enter a school. They are aware about a lot of things around this world well before a teacher teaches him/her the same. Their thinking and grasping ability is enhanced to a much wider spectrum through this. If some one teaches a child about how a cricket ball swings in and out, he could directly get the information from Google that its the phenomenon of Magnus effect and pressure gradient makes the ball swing. In this way a student is getting a freedom to know much more about whatever theory he studies in classrooms.

The dark side of this is the same knowledge treasure can be misused in a number of ways. As some one said any one could make a bomb if he has a computer and internet connection. So ultimately the decision of how to use the technology, constructively or destructively comes under the person. And that moral education of a person's character develops from his initial school, Home. The love, care and affection a child is getting from his home shapes his character and that what gets reflected in his/ her every deeds in future life.